Beneath the Forest of Error

by Amanda Lepre

supported by
Robert Driscoll
Robert Driscoll thumbnail
Robert Driscoll I really love it! Super powerful vocals , sweet riffs, and awesome production. Youtube's algorithm figured me out, finally. I'm so glad it recommended this. S%^T is fire, yo. Favorite track: August.
Greg Ashcroft
Greg Ashcroft thumbnail
Greg Ashcroft What's there not to say about Amanda Lepre? The girl can shred, and has this crazy beautiful voice that just rattles me bones. Definitely worth it! Favorite track: Slay the Dragon.
Victor Max Vellon
Victor Max Vellon thumbnail
Victor Max Vellon Amanda Lepre has such a beautiful voice which is pretty much my reason for buying. I've heard various songs of hers and decided to finally support her debut album. Her guitar work is pretty stellar as well and she gets extra points for making completely original tracks.

I chose "Slay the Dragon" for the favorite track because of the galloping riff for it. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. Favorite track: Slay the Dragon.
Loud Tristero
Loud Tristero thumbnail
Loud Tristero Great vocals and chugging riffs! Favorite track: Wrath on the Styx.
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Amanda Lepre's debut full-length LP Beneath the Forest of Error contains 11 tracks of heavy, progressive/electronic-inspired melodies in a foundation of acoustic riffs.


released June 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Amanda Lepre Austin, Texas

With a full voice, aggressive guitar riffs, and a commanding stage performance, Singer/songwriter and video game music enthusiast, Amanda Lepre's music feels like strapping on armor and suiting up for an adventure - mirroring the heroes of classic literature and video games that often inspire her songs. ... more

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Track Name: Slay the Dragon
Under the guide of the moonlight to cross-attack we ride
Under the guide of this cursed night, in perfect time we stride
To slay the dragon, we clutch our wooden swords
And our shields of Holy to release what's in store

If we fight with rage and hatred in our hearts
The disease will spread for eternity's mile mark
So please, take mercy, we shall refuse to be like him
Inject him with purity, we cannot let him win... we cannot let him...

You just fell to where time has been reborn
It's been a while since you've set foot
To this life you know you have been sworn
But still it doesn't hurt to take a look
Greetings, my friend, so good to see you
I know you've been waiting much too long
I am the King of Kings, and you have stumbled into a spirit
Trampled by a song
Heed my words, understand what I say
I know you've given your best
Join me and you will be enriched by the day
Take now a long, long rest...
Track Name: Forest of Error
Right - at the bottom of night
I was lost
Perilous, distraught
And taking my armor down

Down -
Can you hear the sound?
Echoes like a cry
Dividing the night sky
Burn your bridges to the ground
Before you even try
To reach the other side

Breaking - shaking me
Epic like a fading dream
Until I wake
But now, my body aches
So I'm taking my armor down
Track Name: Undying Hero
My time is gone
The world is done
But for the better good
We must keep on!
Ruins of what we could be
Washed up on unfamiliar sand
And I wake to another day
In this uncharted land

The world has been shaken
Shifted by once-balanced might
And here I sing this song for you
Terrain sunken by divine might
Worlds apart, into the aftermath
We fell to dreary grounds
The masses, like unforgiven
All their eyes are cast down

But, I never want to make you cry, and for this reason I must survive....
In my mind's eye, you are the reason I must survive!

To tell the story again,
Under false moonlight she sang:
"Ave Ave Maria, my time is gone
My time is gone
This is your song."

Oh my hero, so far... oh my hero, so far...

But that was in darkest times
With minions disguised
And the power of persuasion
Would result in this rise
Crossing bridges over waters
Into a story once forseen
You won't be doomed another day
I will save you from this siege!
Track Name: Awakening
Miriam, won't you rest your weary eyes?
Drift away until you revive
Take the fruit, a venomous truth
And pay the price for your crime

Your eyes, kindled by the lamps of Paradise
for a moment, gazed through mine
Exposing my insides
Like starlight
Illuminates the dark of night

Your eyes, a depth passing through into the deep
Sterling and pristine
Exposing my insides
Like sunlight
Shines a glow to the ocean floor

We are awaiting your awakening
Patient, awaiting your awakening
Desecrating the altar of your waking
Track Name: The Gift
I am still waiting for a change
'Cause this is what makes me feel alive
And finally, inspiration came
And leaving, softer than a sigh

Possibly they were still there - only medicated
And diminishing doses reveal how far I've made it
I still honor that moment, once upon a time
Reminding of all I've been through to make this mine
Makes me feel alive

It's time for us to sing with a renewed sense of optimism
Evidence that music will cure us, if we just give a listen
Bloodpool, your citizens are welling with hatred
So sing a song for everyone to keep you untainted
How long have we waited?

Bloodpool, your citizens are welling with hatred
The red demon's lair has poisoned the sacred

Bloodpool, Bloodpool, Bloodpool
We present this gift for you
Bloodpool, Bloodpool, Bloodpool
We present this gift for you
Bloodpool, Bloodpool, Bloodpool
We present this gift for you
Track Name: Wrath on the Styx
I've been silent, letting this sit
Stoic and unmoved -- know this is what I meant
If Dante had his way, then so will I
By the fire rain, you'd want me burned alive
For my crimes, you claim, against nature
But you would sit frozen at the center
For your crimes against your very own
For treachery is the worst sin one could condone

Falls pristine, and luscious fields of green
Oh, how the fallen still all yearn for these
Bearing within myself the weight of this fury
Sunken beneath the marshes of hostility
And don't you try to deny what you did!
I'll see to it myself after our lives are lived
Then resurface from this misery mire
and breathe in the air of Hellfire

You, and me! On the shore of the Styx
I will give your rage a fix
'Cause I've been sullen far too long
Pacifist without principle
Air with no motion...

Now! Behold the souls of those whom anger overcame!

Gotta let it go, learn to let it go...
Gotta let it go, learn to let it go...
Gotta let it go, learn to let it go...
Track Name: Lock + Load
You crucify yourself
And I will not stand by
While you beg for salvation at the same time...
Watching you writhe
I reminded you, so patiently, the careful way to handle me
And this time I say goodbye

You handed me ammunition
And then you let me hold the gun
Teased me to pull the trigger
But I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
Brave son

You told me you were a son
now show them you will carry on
Your cries of glory!
Don't you tell me I was wrong
'Cause you were misleading, with a scenario repeating
Through lack of passion, your beauty was fleeting

Loaded me up with reasons
Down the chamber one by one
And though I'd hate to see you wounded
It's time to bite the bullet now

Brave son
Track Name: August
Take me, take me back there, baby

You travel back and forth
Drift in and out
House your things, and you have me where you want
It's all brand new
In a time so haunting
Breathless to this euphoric taunting
Relentless in my wanting...

So take me, take me back there, baby
I want to feel August in me
A remedy flowing through my bloodstream
Like I lived, then died, then indulgingly revived

Your army seized my breath
With every aching step
Marching with that gaze
Steady and anticipate
Intoxication by a new emotion
Riding through in waves
Like horses in my veins
Galloping ablaze

That was my love...

(It was calm under the waves - take me to that place)
Track Name: Halves
I gave this to myself because I needed some time
I've been broken, I've been chased by all that is undefined
So I came here again, in hopes to reconnect
From the terror denying me the comfort of rest

And I don't know whether or not I'm getting better
In this body of halves that I own
And I don't know whether or not you're getting tired
Is this finally taking it's toll?

Senses of evil, unreal of this kind
The ones that exist only in my mind, which is
What I've lost, broken by the wickedness I once felt
For this fiction, I once thought was the answer for myself

The waves are still crashing
And the darkness is coming down
My world is collapsing
But I will not drown

So lay you down beside me as long as it lasts
Like a body of duality I am broken into halves
Track Name: Vexilla Regis (feat. Stemage)
Broken in three
You're so easy to read, still, now
How can you turn to me under that weight of deceit
You carry around so proud?
The treacherous king squandered the crown
She's your cocaine, but I'm from
Your bowels of shame
I'm your shit stain

Cloacked in your misery
Twisting that blade so deep
Into my spine again
This is how your honor your friend, well
Innocent child, we've been reviled
She cast us away into exile
But, still all the while
Subjects acclaim!
Put on a smile from the Canticle of Pain!

On march the banners of the King!
(can you hear them sing?)

Up on your feet! Come on now, rise!
And profit from your time!
Onward we march, to reach the stars!
We have seen enough, thus far...

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