A Premonition

by Amanda Lepre

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Five songs of complex self-recorded vocals and acoustic guitar arrangements. These tracks are definitive of Amanda's singer/songwriter style -- intricately layered guitar lines and vocals to provide as full an arrangement as possible.


released March 3, 2009



all rights reserved


Amanda Lepre Austin, Texas

With a full voice, aggressive guitar riffs, and a commanding stage performance, Singer/songwriter and video game music enthusiast, Amanda Lepre's music feels like strapping on armor and suiting up for an adventure - mirroring the heroes of classic literature and video games that often inspire her songs. ... more

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Track Name: Undying Hero (Acoustic)
My time is gone,
The world is done,
But for the better good
We must keep on!
Ruins of what we could be
Washed up on unfamiliar sand,
And I wake to another day
In this uncharted land

The world has been shaken,
Shifted by once-balanced might
And here I sing this song for you
Terrain sunken by divine might
Worlds apart, into the aftermath
We fell to dreary grounds
The masses, like unforgiven
All their eyes are cast down

But, I never want to make you cry, and for this reason I must survive....
In my mind's eye, you are the reason I must survive!

To tell the story again,
Under false moonlight she sang:
"Ave Ave Maria, my time is gone
My time is gone
This is your song."

Oh my hero, so far... oh my hero, so far...

But that was in darkest times
With minions disguised
And the power of persuasion
Would result in this rise
Crossing bridges over waters
Into a story once forseen
You won't be doomed another day
I will save you from this siege!
Track Name: Reverse Side (Acoustic)
Refrain from looking away
And listen now to my words
You say I'm taking it all
But believe what I give in turn
Easier done than said
Accuse me, if you will
Pointing fingers all around
But denial lies upon you, still

When I tried to sleep at night
I swore I heard her call out my name
Eerie as it sounds, it was not a dream
A message so profound, I could not explain

Trust is a deserved privledge
And you mean the world to me
Remember what you've taught yourself
In handling this carelessly

I went out and searched all around
Following echoes to a secret I found
Damp and dark, everything in sight
But I kept on, guided by the somber light

Sink into my system
Second hour creeps me by
I'm still getting used to this
You let me down oftentimes
But you don't mean to
Your innocence is relieving
A treasure so hard to find
But oh, how lonesome will we be?

Reverse side catacombs
My heart has strayed too far from home
The mazes in my mind, devastating
I'm running out of time, but no escaping
Track Name: Break (Acoustic)
Sometimes I can still feel
These things that
Aren't real
Shadow every troubled thought
Satisfaction I've forever sought
Like the way he casts a sign
Fooling my naked eye
Stripped of my ability
To see it figuratively

I'm just about to break
Just about to break
Just about to break
I know things are okay
I've made them that way
But I'm still about to break down

So I made the decision
To the doctor, for a listen
He wrote me this prescription
And I feel into submission
Legitimate, it became
The dissonance in my brain
And to cure is to take
But I'm still about to break

I'm just about to break
from carrying this weight
Just about to break
I know what I need to do
Facing up to the truth
Preparing for my breakdown

Track Name: Wrath on the Styx (Acoustic-Extended Version)
I've been silent, letting this sit
Stoic and unmoved -- know this is what I meant
If Dante had his way, then so will I
By the fire rain, you'd want me burned alive
For my crimes, you claim, against nature
But you would sit frozen at the center
For your crimes against your very own
For treachery is the worst sin one could condone

Falls pristine, and luscious fields of green
Oh, how the fallen still all yearn for these
Bearing within myself the weight of this fury
Sunken beneath the marshes of hostility
And don't you try to deny what you did!
I'll see to it myself after our lives are lived
Then resurface from this misery mire
and breathe in the air of Hellfire

You, and me! On the shore of the Styx
I will give your rage a fix
'Cause I've been sullen far too long
Pacifist without principle
Air with no motion...

Now! Behold the souls of those whom anger overcame!

Gotta let it go, learn to let it go...
Gotta let it go, learn to let it go...
Gotta let it go, learn to let it go...
Track Name: Halves (Acoustic)
I gave this to myself because I needed some time
I've been broken, I've been chased by all that is undefined
So I came here again, in hopes to reconnect
From the terror denying me the comfort of rest

And I don't know whether or not I'm getting better
In this body of halves that I own
And I don't know whether or not you're getting tired
Is this finally taking it's toll?

Senses of evil, unreal of this kind
The ones that exist only in my mind, which is
What I've lost, broken by the wickedness I once felt
For this fiction, I once thought was the answer for myself

The waves are still crashing
And the darkness is coming down
My world is collapsing
But I will not drown